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19 mar 2025

ray smuckles.

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13 sep 2008

bob's guitar.

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Coastal Mississippi was just as fucked over by the local governments, FEMA, and the federal governments during and after Katrina so why didn't anyone really talk about it? The Emerald Coast is invisible when put next to what happened in New Orleans but some really horrible shit went down here.

Hurricane Katrina made true landfall in Mississippi not too far from where I am living now and the effects are still blatant and felt.

After making a brief initial landfall in Louisiana, Katrina had made its final landfall near the state line, and the eyewall passed over the cities of Bay St. Louis and Waveland as a Category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 120 mph (195 km/h).[3] Katrina's powerful right-front quadrant passed over the west and central Mississippi coast, causing a powerful 27-foot (8.2 m) storm surge, which penetrated 6 miles (10 km) inland in many areas and up to 12 miles (20 km) inland along bays and rivers; in some areas, the surge crossed Interstate 10 for several miles.[3] Hurricane Katrina brought strong winds to Mississippi, which caused significant tree damage throughout the state. The highest unofficial reported wind gust recorded from Katrina was one of 135 mph (217 km/h) in Poplarville, in Pearl River County.[3]
-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Katrina#Mississippi

Bay Saint Louis is a tiny and beautiful fishing and arts village that was washed away. Waveland is right next to it and is considered as "part of the Bay area" and was also massively destroyed. Pass Christian is a sleepy village next to Long Beach where I live and it was pretty much washed away. Their priorities are so straight that instead of building up more local businesses in the Pass and in Long Beach, they went and opened up a Yacht Club while people are still wallowing in debt, sorrow, and rubble.

Whenever you ask about the storm or when you eavesdrop on others conversing about it, you can't help but notice that omnipresent tone of sadness. People were found dead up in trees. Whole cities and their local businesses and historical landmarks and beautiful coast-line-hugging highways just washed away, nothing to ever be the same again.

I was going to make a post like this back during Labor Day Weekend but I had to work all that weekend and then we were all trying to dodge Hurricane Gustav. The local paper, The Sun Herald, has several areas of their website devoted to Katrina and the intensity with which the storm is still felt in these communities.

Gabriel and I will bring it up because going down Highway 90 means to see this destruction in every day life. The beach and its docks are still, for the most part, visibly weakened and somewhat destroyed. Local businesses that lined Highway 90 and anything south of the railroad tracks have mostly yet to return. People want to rebuild and go back to "normal" but this is now the norm which we must face.

  • Before and After photos of the area and the damage
  • Wiki article about Katrina
  • Effects of Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi - wiki
  • search for "Katrina" in Mississippi, September 2005
  • 23 avr 2007

    bob's guitar.

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    right before i sat for my board nursing exam, they had to take my picture. i look so miserable and disgusting. hahahaha

    mug shotRéduire )

    22 avr 2007


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    perspectives was absolutely breathtaking. i'm really glad i went to see it twice and with different people, it was really heartwarming. i also felt as though the dancers' hearts were truly into it the second time i saw it because most of them are graduating and it's their last performance as USF undergrads.

    hope's solo piece was so moving. the bach was a perfect accompanient for her fluid gracefulness and it made me cry both times i saw it. her frustration and falling went so well with how i'm feeling right now that i felt as though hope choreographed it after talking to me. i'm so proud that she's really following her dream and that everything's working out for her. i'm going to miss driving to USF just to watch her do what she loves.

    i finally saw meliss after probably eight months or so. we ate at andros after the performance tonight and while i don't miss USF and it didn't feel weird to be eating at one of the on-campus cafeterias, it did feel strange that i didn't see anyone i recognized like i used to. people move on with their lives and find their own niches and whatnot. that cheese pizza isn't sitting too well and my bowels are stirring quite like meliss' after we left the cafeteria and sat outside.

    it still feels as though a big part of me is missing and that hurts.

    i've still got my words and i have my friends. and beer.

    20 avr 2007


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    YAY!Réduire )

    19 avr 2007


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    there is something to be said about singing upbeat john lennon songs at the top of your lungs.

    that something is


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    i'm teaching myself the art of giving up. not quitting, giving up. it's a difficult process underpinned with heartache but when something needs to go then it does. giving up is a part of growing up and living life. to truly enjoy life to the fullest, you have to give up certain things that you may take pleasure in doing. those things don't leave your world immediately but linger and still provide you with joy though not under the pressure of your own expectations.

    the process of letting go is a process of recognizing attachments, healthy and otherwise, and deciding whether or not life can truly go on without it. when suffering a loss of a significant portion of your life does one truly realize the attachment and meaning placed upon it.

    those of us on the outside may see some such losses as utterly tragic while those having suffered through the loss before us are perfectly content with their situations. to paraphrase an example, many of us may consider losing our sight or hearing as a reason to commit suicide but watching those who are already deaf or blind shows us that life isn't always permanently marred by such immense inconveniences.

    i don't think the preceding made sense. nothing makes sense when you're listening to jorge negrete except joy.

    24 jan 2007

    los bee-atlas.

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    i've decided i would like to dreadlock my hair.

    is there anyone out there that would like to help me in about a month or two? i just need some help sectioning off and putting rubberbands in my hair to whichever size i decide on and then also backcombing it and maybe helping a bit with twisting and palm rolling.

    si o no?

    22 jan 2007

    how could this happen to me

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    it's a big deal to me because i'm proud of myselfRéduire )

    01 nov 2006

    how could this happen to me

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    today started out to be incredibly boring and uneventful. my clinical group's doing our health department rotation and four of us were actually at the health department building in downtown bradenton. amanda r. and i were in the immunizations clinic and all we did was give flu shots to anyone who wanted them.

    it got to be really busy around ten or so and i had so much fun. we ended up doing between forty and fifty injections between the two of us and everyone i stuck said they hardly felt it and that i'm really good at it so i'm patting myself on the back for that. amanda and i were taking turns filling up the syringes with half a milliliter of the flu vaccine and sticking them in the cooler so we'd have them ready for when we had people coming in together. some of the cutest and funniest elderly couples came in and i really had fun teasing them. my favorite cheesy line was, "okay, i've only done this once before. does that make you nervous at all?" so cheesy but it brought the lols dammit!

    i had to stick a three-year-old with a DTAP immunization and the mother freaked out more than the kid did. i thought she was going to hit me for making her ugly kid cry and she made me feel really bad so i left the room after i stuck the bandaid on the kid. ah well! the pleasant older people made up for it.

    there's a chili cook-off tomorrow on main campus and we're required to go. i don't eat chili but whatever, i get to bank some clinical credit hours for it! after that's over at one, i'm going to head over to manatee community college to re-register and enroll in spring classes and turn in my application for the nursing transition program. hopefully i'll get to start up AS RN school next may and get all that going so i can get back to USF the year after that. i can't take too many classes next semester but i'm going to try for at least three because i want to get my prerequisites out of the way as quickly as possible!

    i'm still excited as hell about school. as odd as it may sound, i can't wait to keep jumping through these hoops. i don't think i'll be happy with myself until i finish grad school and maybe take the MCAT and try for admission into LECOM. they have a campus right next to the school i attend now.

    i have more but i believe that's it for now. that was fun.

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